Start your day with genuine taste. Balanced ingredients, with few sugars and all the flavour of fruit, because the a good day is seen in the morning!


Contents of the Box and Gastronomic Tour

  • Mulberry extra jam: with 53% fruit, with a sweet and slightly sour flavour, a genuine jam that is very pleasant on the palate. 
  • Clementine juice (2): delicious and refreshing, a pure juice containing only fresh fruit, without colourings and preservatives. 
  • Freselle: crispy, fragrant and light, enjoy them with any jam. 
  • Clementine extra jam: with 65 % fruit, fresh and genuine, it's a product that once you've tasted it will make you love it, try it! 
  • Fig extra jam: with 76% fruit, is a sweet product with a unique and special flavour, made with delicious fresh figs.



Watch the video presentation and recipes to make with the box on Youtube: