Dessert allo yogurt e more di gelso - Valle del Crati

Would you like a breakfast full of energy and taste? This is the perfect recipe. You can even prepare it in advance, perhaps the night before, and enjoy it in the morning. Tasty, energetic and crunchy, the right breakfast for you! 

Ingredients for two:

· 250 g white Greek yoghurt (to be sweetened as desired)

· about 5/6 teaspoons of extra mulberry jam

· 5 tablespoons of your favourite muesli

· Topping: cream or peanut butter 


Preparing this mouth-watering breakfast/dessert is really easy.

Simply create layers starting with a base of muesli, add yoghurt and jam.

Cover with more muesli and then yogurt and jam again. Finally finish with a topping of cream or rather fluid peanut butter. 

Leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy!

TIP: You can enrich the dessert with dried fruit to taste and also dried figs cut into pieces.