Fusilli cime di rapa e salmone - Valle del Crati

A first course that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes!

Complete, healthy and tasty. The elegance of fusillo calabrese will also make it perfect for a lunch with special guests. 

Ingredients for two persons

· 200 g Fusilli calabresi

· 100 g Smoked salmon

· 300 g Turnip Greens

· One garlic clove

· A pinch of ginger (to taste)

· EVO Oil to taste

· Black Pepper to taste

· Salt to taste

· A little grated Lemon peel 

In a frying pan, we pour a little oil, a pinch of ginger powder and heat up a clove of garlic. We then add the turnip greens. We add salt, pour in half a glass of hot water and leave to cook. In the meantime, boil the pasta in plenty of salted water and, once al dente, drain directly in the pan.

We stir over a high flame, adding a little cooking water from the pasta if necessary.

We then chop up some smoked salmon and incorporate, stirring with the flame off. This way it will warm up but not become too savoury.

Finally we grind some pepper and, for a touch of freshness, add some grated lemon zest, which goes well with both turnip Greens and salmon. Stir well and serve, finishing with a drizzle of raw oil.