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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Sale price€12,00
Nduja of SpilingaNduja of Spilinga
Nduja of Spilinga
Sale price€10,80
Sweet sausageSweet sausage
Sweet sausage
Sale price€11,50
Sweet sopressataSweet sopressata
Sweet sopressata
Sale price€12,40
Semi Seasoned Smoked RicottaSemi Seasoned Smoked Ricotta
Semi Seasoned Smoked Ricotta
Sale price€5,00
Spicy sopressataSpicy sopressata
Spicy sopressata
Sale price€12,40
Spicy sausageSpicy sausage
Spicy sausage
Sale price€11,50
Semi Aged Pecorino CheeseSemi Aged Pecorino Cheese
Semi Aged Pecorino Cheese
Sale price€14,00
Sweet Seasoned PancettaSweet Seasoned Pancetta
Sweet Seasoned Pancetta
Sale price€12,80
Pecorino Cheese with Seasoned Black PepperPecorino Cheese with Seasoned Black Pepper
Capicollo by sliceCapicollo by slice
Capicollo by slice
Sale price€19,80
Sweet Seasoned GuancialeSweet Seasoned Guanciale
Sweet Seasoned Guanciale
Sale price€10,20

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