Struncatura all'ortolana - Valle del Crati

Struncatura is a pasta format typical of Calabrian cuisine, particularly the province of Reggio Calabria, which has become famous for its distinctive flavour.

In the past, it was a recycled product prepared with the waste from wheat milling; the story goes that the flour was literally swept and collected from the ground to be used in the making of this pasta!

Today, however, the production of this pasta is limited to small artisans and finding it on the market is not always easy.

In this recipe, we propose a vegetarian version with the first seasonal vegetables picked from the garden! 

Ingredients for two

· 2 courgettes

· 1 red onion

· 1 fairly ripe tomato

· 1 pepper

· 1 garlic clove

· Salt and pepper to taste

· Chilli pepper to taste

· Chopped fresh parsley

· Grated lemon peel

· EVO oil

· 200 g of Struncatura 


We pour a little oil into a frying pan and add a clove of garlic (which we will remove later) and the finely chopped onion. We sauté and then add diced courgettes and peppers.

We add salt, grind some pepper and let them cook.

Finally we add the diced tomato and finish cooking all the vegetables.

We drain the pasta directly in the frying pan, keeping the cooking water on hand to prevent it from drying out too much; we add chopped parsley and chilli powder to taste.

We also grate some lemon zest. 

We serve and finish with a dash of raw oil.

A first course that, forkful after forkful, tells us an ancient story of Calabrian tradition.