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Showing 1 - 24 of 51 products
"red tomato" tomato sauce"red tomato" tomato sauce
"red tomato" tomato sauce
Sale priceFrom €2,90
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Annurca Apple Extra JamAnnurca Apple Extra Jam
Annurca Apple Extra Jam
Sale price€3,90
Chili pepper minceChili pepper mince
Chili pepper mince
Sale price€3,90
Tropea creamTropea cream
Tropea cream
Sale price€4,20
'Nduja cream'Nduja cream
'Nduja cream
Sale price€5,00
Sweet and Sour Red OnionsSweet and Sour Red Onions
Sweet and Sour Red Onions
Sale price€5,00
Fig Extra JamFig Extra Jam
Fig Extra Jam
Sale price€4,20
Arraganate Black OlivesArraganate Black Olives
Arraganate Black Olives
Sale price€5,50
Extra Strawberry JamExtra Strawberry Jam
Extra Strawberry Jam
Sale price€4,40
Mulberry Extra JamMulberry Extra Jam
Mulberry Extra Jam
Sale price€4,20
Artichoke Hearts Peasant StyleArtichoke Hearts Peasant Style
Artichoke Hearts Peasant Style
Sale price€9,00
Antipasto Mediterraneo - Valle del CratiAntipasto Mediterraneo - Valle del Crati
Mediterranean appetizer
Sale price€6,40
Onion jamOnion jam
Onion jam
Sale price€3,90
Turnip topsTurnip tops
Turnip tops
Sale price€5,80
Cream of anchoviesCream of anchovies
Cream of anchovies
Sale price€5,50
Clementine Extra JamClementine Extra Jam
Clementine Extra Jam
Sale price€3,90
Fillets of auberginesFillets of aubergines
Fillets of aubergines
Sale price€5,00
Tomato creamTomato cream
Tomato cream
Sale price€4,40
Cream of Black OlivesCream of Black Olives
Cream of Black Olives
Sale price€3,90
Tuna Zucchini BruschettaTuna Zucchini Bruschetta
Tuna Zucchini Bruschetta
Sale price€4,40
Devil's pepperDevil's pepper
Devil's pepper
Sale price€6,20
Calabrian pumpkinCalabrian pumpkin
Calabrian pumpkin
Sale price€5,70
Extra Lemon JamExtra Lemon Jam
Extra Lemon Jam
Sale price€4,20
Pepper jamPepper jam
Pepper jam
Sale price€3,90

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