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Showing 1 - 24 of 65 products
"Pomodorossa" tomato sauce"Pomodorossa" tomato sauce
"Pomodorossa" tomato sauce
Sale priceFrom €3,10
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Nduja creamNduja cream
Nduja cream
Sale price€5,30
Sweet and Sour Red OnionsSweet and Sour Red Onions
Sweet and Sour Red Onions
Sale price€5,30
Fig Extra JamFig Extra Jam
Fig Extra Jam
Sale price€4,50
Chopped Chilli Pepper Chopped Chilli Pepper
Chopped Chilli Pepper
Sale price€4,10
Tropeana CreamTropeana Cream
Tropeana Cream
Sale price€4,50
Turnip green CreamTurnip green Cream
Turnip green Cream
Sale price€4,10
Mulberry Extra JamMulberry Extra Jam
Mulberry Extra Jam
Sale price€4,50
Turnip GreenTurnip Green
Turnip Green
Sale price€6,10
Anchovy CreamAnchovy Cream
Anchovy Cream
Sale price€5,80
Clementine Extra JamClementine Extra Jam
Clementine Extra Jam
Sale price€4,10
Arraganate Black OlivesArraganate Black Olives
Arraganate Black Olives
Sale price€5,80
Bergamot Extra JamBergamot Extra Jam
Bergamot Extra Jam
Sale price€4,50
Onion JamOnion Jam
Onion Jam
Sale price€4,10
Dried Tomato CreamDried Tomato Cream
Dried Tomato Cream
Sale price€4,60
Aubergine BruschettaAubergine Bruschetta
Aubergine Bruschetta
Sale price€4,50
Aubergines in FiletsAubergines in Filets
Aubergines in Filets
Sale price€5,30
Black Olive CreamBlack Olive Cream
Black Olive Cream
Sale price€4,10
Hand Crushed Green OlivesHand Crushed Green Olives
Hand Crushed Green Olives
Sale price€6,50
Artichoke CreamArtichoke Cream
Artichoke Cream
Sale price€4,60
Hot Chilli Pepper DiavolicchioHot Chilli Pepper Diavolicchio
Hot Chilli Pepper Diavolicchio
Sale price€6,60
Chilli Pepper stuffed with TunaChilli Pepper stuffed with Tuna
Dried tomatoesDried tomatoes
Dried tomatoes
Sale price€6,90
 Annurca Apple Extra Jam Annurca Apple Extra Jam
Annurca Apple Extra Jam
Sale price€4,10