We started manufacturing in 1998

In 1998 Marcello Prezioso , inspired by the goodness and genuineness of the preserves, which during the summer months were prepared in the family country house, decided to start an artisan workshop for the processing and transformation of local fruit and vegetables, in order to be able to produce and let to all gourmets the typical specialties of their land.

In 1999 Francesco Rosa, taking up an old family tradition, started an artisan workshop for the processing and transformation of fruit and in particular of the Fico Dottato del Cosentino. The two young agri-food artisans, united by a passion for local development, begin to collaborate, participate in fairs and exhibitions throughout Italy, share their customers to whom they can offer their respective products. Close to the Christmas festivities, they pack gift baskets with products in oil, figs and a selection of other local specialties, thus offering a basket of Calabrian artisan specialties to various commercial and private customers.

The idea of ​​proposing a basket of specialties will be the beginning of a more synergistic collaboration that will lead the two young people to take their first steps towards the establishment of a small Consortium.

In 2005 the Valle del Crati Agri-food Consortium was born, which will have the aim of promoting and enhancing the productions of the member companies.

In 2007 the factory was purchased which will become the headquarters of the Consortium and the processing and packaging plant of the two artisan companies of the founding members.

In 2012 a 329 KW photovoltaic system was built, thus starting a green management of the entire plant.

In 2015 , in continuation of the artisan companies of the members, who in 1998 began the processing and transformation of Calabrian vegetables and fruit, the Valle del Crati Group Srl was born and the Valle del Crati brand Gastronomic Excellences since 1998 .

The Valle del Crati company is a member of the Cosentino Dried Fig Consortium , committed to the promotion and enhancement of the most traditional Cosentino agri-food supply chain, that of the Cosenza Dottato Fig .

The Valle del Crati company is a founding member of the Consortium for the Protection of Fichi di Cosenza DOP , engaged in the protection of the Fichi di Cosenza product with Protected Designation of Origin .

Valle del Crati Group Srl is certified for the sale of organic food by ICEA IT BIO 006.

Our certificate is available from the inspection body under the reference number IT BIO 006 RAF45.


Valle del Crati Gastronomic excellence since 1998 , brings the specialties of Calabria and Valle del Crati in particular to the table of every gourmet, delivered to your home quickly and with the right combination of quality and price in compliance with the Short Supply Chain from Producer to Consumer .
For over 20 years we have carefully selected the best raw materials, then transformed and packaged according to the ancient recipes of the Calabrian peasant tradition.

The application of well-defined internal techniques and protocols, compliance with the guidelines and our HACCP manual according to current laws, guarantee traceability and food safety.

A continuous and constant work made of research, tastings and selections, the passion for the heritage of taste in which we live, allow us to choose the best of Calabrian gastronomic excellences that complete the basket of our products, ideal for the everyday table and for preparations for special occasions.

A complete basket that begins with exclusive jams, marmalades and citrus juices, teases with appetizers and condiments, delights with traditional first courses, conquers with sweet temptations and is completed with the selection of wines chosen to match our specialties.

Traditional recipes, Authentic flavours, High quality


The Valle del Crati company is located in C.da Imperatore di Bisignano (CS), 4 km from the A2 del Mediterraneo motorway junction, where we have a factory of 3000 square meters used for processing, transformation, packaging and marketing of our gastronomic excellences.

Valle del Crati , a wonderful corner of Calabria , where the agri-food sector develops between mountainous, hilly and extensive plains and our food and wine excellences that are famous in Italy and in the world are grown, transformed and packaged.

The Crati Valley is an inland area located in the central-northern part of Calabria, defined by thirty municipalities in the province of Cosenza located in the Crati and Esaro valleys and is bordered to the north by the Pollino mountain range, to the east by the Pre-Silana mountain range, south of the Cosentino urban centre, west of the coastal range. The district is therefore contained by reliefs, first hilly and then mountainous, which rise rapidly from the valley areas, reaching high altitudes in a few kilometers. The strong variations in altitude cause variety in the microclimate and in the vegetation.