box stuzzicheria

Get involved by the taste! Have fun preparing many delicacies to spend a cheerful evening with your friends. Don't put limits on your imagination, you'll find everything you need in the box.


Contents of the Box and Gastronomic Tour 

  • Dried tomatoes and tuna cream: mediterranean flavour, spread it on delicious sandwiches and focaccia.
  • Tomato sauce: delicious and genuine use it to fill pizza and pinsa bases.
  • Focaccia: soft and tasty divide it up and top it with turnip green and spreads. 
  • Turnip green: good and genuine, use them to season focaccia or a fresella.
  • Panini (2): fragrant and delicious, stuff them with turnip green and spreadable creams.
  • Nduja cream: popular, in spreadable form, for sandwiches, pizzaand gourmet pinsa.
  • Artichoke cream: soft and light taste, use it with any bread.  
  • Pizza bases(2): aussi bon que facile à préparer, il ne prend que 5 minutes!
  • Black olive cream: tasty and versatile, excellent on pinsa and pizza, but also in sandwiches.  
  • Pinsa bases(2):crunchy and immediately ready to use, to be stuffed and baked for just 5 minutes. 


Watch the video presentation and recipes to make with the box on Youtube: