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Warm up your table with flavour, let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery of spiciness with perfectly combinations, to create a complete meal with aperitif, first dish and second dish. All in a box!


Contents of the Box and Gastronomic Tour

  • Chopped chilli pepper: the king of the calabrian table, give a strong touch to your pasta dish, and try it with friselle. 
  • Tuna and chilli pepper: an exquisite slice, dipped in olive oil and spiced with red chilli peppers.
  • Focaccia: soft and tasty, divide it up and top it with spreads. 
  • Anchovy cream: an exclusive recipe, try it with focaccia and on crispy friselle.
  • Freselle: a goodness, fragrant and crunchy, taste together with the spreads. 
  • Nduja cream: popular, in spreadable form, ideal for spreading on soft focaccia or crunchy freselle.   
  • Ready Calabrian style sauce: ready in 5 minutes, the ideal sauce for fileja pasta.   
  • Fileja with chilli pepper: homemade pasta with a spicy note, season it with ready calabrian style sauce.




Watch the video presentation and recipes to make with the box on Youtube: