Fileja alle cipolle con crema di olive verdi e cavolfiore - Valle del Crati

A light and tasty autumn dish prepared with our Fileja alla Cipolla. A recipe that combines traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of originality.

A tasty and creative variation of the classic fileja, which goes perfectly with a creamy olive sauce and tender sautéed cauliflower florets. Quick to prepare, for a first course that is different from the usual!

Ingredients for two people

- 200 g onion Fileja
- the florets of half a cauliflower
- One clove of garlic
- A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
- One tablespoon of green olive cream
- Dried oregano (to taste)
- Dried chilli pepper (to taste)
- Salt to taste

Pour a little oil into a frying pan and brown a clove of garlic.
Add the cauliflower florets, trying to get the smallest ones,
season with salt and sauté for a few minutes over a high flame until browned.

Now drain the Fileja in the pan together with some of its cooking water. Add the green olive cream and stir over a moderate flame for a couple of minutes.
Turn off and serve, finishing with a sprinkling of oregano and chilli pepper to taste.