Your quick, tasty and genuine break. Take a break with us and create your own bruschetta. The perfect box for last-minute aperitifs!


Contents of the Box and Gastronomic Tour

  • Tuna zucchini bruschetta: made with courgettes, tuna and red chilli pepper, a light cream but a little spicy on the palate.
  • Aubergine bruschetta: tender aubergines seasoned with spices in olive oil, with a slightly rustic texture and strong flavour. 
  • Freselle (2): crispy, fragrant and light, enjoy them together with every spread. 
  • Onion bruschetta: red onions and chilli peppers, two authentic calabrian flavours for a cream with a strong and unmistakable taste. 
  • Dried tomatoes and tuna cream: a cream with a mediterranean flavour, fresh and delicious to the palate



Watch the video presentation and recipes to make with the box on Youtube: