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Crema di 'Nduja Valle del Crati is handcrafted with the most popular Calabrian salami and the addition of hot chili pepper, crushed in oil. It can be eaten by spreading it on slices of toasted bread, preferably still warm, or used as a soffritto for the base of a meat sauce or tomato sauce; it can be used to garnish pizza, before the other toppings if raw, or fresh from the oven; it can be eaten on slices of semi-seasoned cheeses or can enter the composition of omelets.

A convenient and practical format to use, suitable for catering or for those who consume it widely. After opening, the product should be coated with oil and stored in the refrigerator. By following these directions, the product retains its characteristics for about 20 days.

Main uses:
- Pizzas and Sandwiches
- Seasoning First and Second Courses
- Aperitifs and Appetizers
- Savory Recipes
- Accompaniments of Cold Cuts and Cheeses

Storage Methods:
- Keep away from sunlight and heat sources
- After opening, cover with oil and refrigerate


Chili pepper, 'Nduja (29.1%) (pork fat and meat, sweet and hot pepper, salt) (IT1591/L CE), sunflower oil, salt, wine vinegar.

Acidulants: citric acid

Contains allergens: Sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

Package Contents: 1 x 950 g Glass Jar

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