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Valle del Crati extra virgin olive oil it is obtained from a blend of the Carolea, Dolce di Rossano and Roggianella varieties, very valuable varieties and with remarkable organoleptic characteristics. The entire production process of our olive oil from harvesting to milling, takes place in Italy , following strict protocols and regulations. Calabria _ it has an optimal geographical location which allows it to have an olive-growing heritage of considerable importance: it is in fact the second national producer of olive oil. The mild climate and fertile soils, exposure to the sun and low rainfall are precisely the conditions that favor the cultivation of olive trees in this area. guaranteeing a qualitatively superior product.

Uses in the kitchen
Its fruity flavor makes it a lot versatile in the kitchen , excellent to use raw to dress salads or toasted bread bruschetta, to better enjoy all its scented notes. Also used by Chefs, our oil adapts to compound but also simple dishes, to make them protagonists!

Cold extraction
Cold pressing is a very important process from a qualitative point of view, as it keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil unchanged. In this way, all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances useful to the body are preserved.

Great for a healthy lifestyle
Olive oil is a food with truly precious functional properties: inserted into a correct and healthy lifestyle, it facilitates the assumption of some very important fat-soluble vitamins.

The tin packaging protects the oil from the sun's rays, which are the main enemy of the product, as they alter its quality; moreover, the 5-litre format allows the product to be consumed in minimum storage times. Just 32 centimeters tall, with a lifting handle for comfortable transport, our tin will allow very little physical effort for moving around the pantry and kitchen.

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources

5 liter can

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