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Bring a fragrant corner of Calabria into your home! Aromatic and characteristic, Calabrian oregano in bunches it is packaged according to tradition. In Calabria it is customary to tie the bunch of oregano with a string and hang it in the kitchen, always ready for use. Packaged in a practical sachet, oregano retains all its aroma.

Uses in the kitchen
Among the most popular aromatic herbs, oregano finds ample space in many recipes. From first to second courses of meat and fish, baked dishes, savory doughs and pizzas. Oregano sprigs immersed in oil can be used to flavor grilled meat and fish. Excellent for seasoning summer salads based on tomatoes and cucumbers. Characteristic in Calabria is the "fresa cunzata", a fresh and quick dish to prepare: white or wholemeal freselle seasoned with a drizzle of oil, chopped tomatoes, salt and plenty of oregano.

Ingredients: Calabrian oregano.

Contains no allergens.

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • After opening, keep in a dry place.

pack of 60 grams

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