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Our saffron in stigmas is obtained from a selection of very high quality flowers, always harvested by hand with the same traditional method. 

This is one of the factors that has allowed us to always maintain the same excellent quality standards that distinguish us from others on the market. 

Saffron is produced by our company with the technique of annual cultivation, it reflects the requirements of the ISO 3632 standard which is positioned in the first quality. The harvest takes place in the early hours of the morning to prevent the flower from suffering too much damage from the weather conditions (rain, hail, wind) over a period of time ranging from the second half of October to the first ten days of November. The flower is made up of 3 stigmas, in turn the stigma has a red part and then ends up with a yellow part, which has no organoleptic properties (coloring, bittering, odorous power) therefore no commercial value.

How do you recognize Italian saffron in high quality and unadulterated stigmas?
The stigmas have a bright red color and for each stigma there should be no white part but only the purple-red filament.
The smell is unmistakable, and the taste must be delicate on the palate.

Recommendations for the use of our Italian saffron stigmas:
Lightly crush the stigmas and infuse in a little warm water.
The jar is designed to maintain its organoleptic properties for longer.
Add to the dish halfway through cooking and mix well.
A quantity of 17 stigmas of Italian saffron in is sufficient for 1 person.

Three ideas to try

  1. Saffron risotto
  2. Chicken strips and saffron
  3. Vegetable soup with saffron

Ingredients: Saffron.

Contains no allergens.

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • After opening, keep in a dry place.

Glass jar of 1 gram

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