Biscotti integrali alle carote semplici e veloci - Valle del Crati

Do you want to make simple tasty cookies without too much guilt? Then bookmark this recipe now!

A breakfast different from the usual, a hunger-busting snack, a sweet after meal... these wholemeal biscuits are ideal at any time of the day! Light, full of energy and really easy and quick to make!

60 g of carrots
80 g of sugar
80 ml of seed oil
1 egg
220g of wholemeal flour
1 sachet of baking powder
50 g of puffed rice

First we turn on the oven at 180°.
We wash, peel and grate the carrot and set aside.
In a bowl we put the oil, the egg and the sugar.
Mix well then add the grated carrot.
Gradually add the flour, baking powder and puffed rice and continue to mix, then mix with your hands until you obtain an elastic but not sticky dough.
Now we form the biscuits by taking small portions more or less equal and place them in a pan with parchment paper.
We inform for 15 minutes.
The cookies are soft to the touch so don't worry, they're cooked