Crostata scomposta ai fichi - Valle del Crati

A traditional dessert revisited in a modern key.

A 'decomposed' tart where dried figs marry perfectly with dark chocolate, creating a captivating contrast of flavours. All enhanced by the special touch of Fig Molasses.

A gourmet dessert with an authentic flavour.


· 250 g flour 00

· 70 g icing sugar

· 100 g cold butter

· 2 egg yolks

· 15 g egg whites

· 2 heaped tablespoons of fig molasses

· chopped hazelnuts to taste

· chopped Cosenza dried figs 

For the dark chocolate

· 100 g chocolate

· 1 dried fig

· custard to taste

· 100 g fresh cream 


First melt 30 g of chocolate in a bain-marie.

Brush 4 hemispheres and leave to harden at room temperature. Once dry, melt the remaining chocolate with 30 g of cream and fill two hemispheres; add half a dried fig and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Prepare the custard according to personal taste and leave to cool in the fridge. Place the flour and icing sugar in a heap on a work surface, add the egg yolks and chopped butter, start to knead, then add the egg white, molasses and dried fruit.

If the dough is sticky, add a little flour.

Roll the dough onto the cannoli moulds and bake at 180° for 15 min, 20 max.

Once cold, place them on a plate, add the cream and fondant.

Whip the remaining cream and decorate as desired.