Crostata cremosa ricotta e mele - Valle del Crati

A delicious cake, a shell of fragrant shortcrust pastry enclosing a soft and fragrant ricotta and apple filling inside!

Simple to prepare, it will be a perfect dessert to impress your guests.

For a 22 cm diameter mould you will need

(for the shortcrust pastry)

· 300 g 00 flour

· 2 whole eggs

· 70 ml sunflower oil

· 100 g caster or brown sugar

(for the filling)

· 500 g cow's ricotta cheese

· 200 g icing sugar

· The grated rind of one lemon

· One whole egg

· One jar of Annurca apple jam 


We prepare the base by placing the flour in a bowl. Make a fountain in the centre and break two eggs into it. Add a pinch of salt, the sugar and beat with a fork. We then add the oil and start to knead.

Knead the dough until it forms a smooth, compact ball and leave it to rest for at least one hour.

Now we can take care of the filling!

In a bowl, combine the sifted ricotta cheese, one egg, the sugar and the lemon zest. Mix well with the help of a whisk.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry to form the base of the cake. Place the disc on the previously buttered and floured baking tray.

Prick the base and spread the contents of a jar of Annurca apple jam on it. We spread the jam well all over. We then pour in the ricotta cream, levelling it well. 

We finish with the classic short pastry strips, decorating them as we like.

We go into the oven at 180° for about an hour.

Once ready, let it cool and then sprinkle the surface with icing sugar. The next day it tastes even better! 

TIP: For the best way to sieve the ricotta cheese, get a large-mesh sieve and a flat spatula or spoon. This way the ricotta will become creamy and fluffy, for a 10-star filling.