Crostata moderna con confettura di fichi e crema al formaggio - Valle del Crati

A spectacle for the eyes and taste buds!

A fragrant cocoa shortcrust pastry shell enriched on the inside with a filling of Extra Fig jam, cream cheese and walnuts.

A modern tart, elegant in appearance and pleasant and tasty on the palate.

Amaze your guests with this dessert!


· For the shortcrust pastry

· 480 g 00 flour

· 20 g bitter cocoa

· 125 g icing sugar

· 250 g butter

· 1 egg and 1 yolk

· Flavourings to taste 

For the cream

· 250 g mascarpone

· 175 g spreadable cheese

· 250 ml fresh cream

· 70 g icing sugar 

For the filling

· 1 jar of Valle del Crati Extra Fig Jam

· 1 handful of walnuts 


For the cocoa shortcrust pastry

Place the 00 flour, icing sugar, flavourings, cocoa, cold butter in small pieces in the bowl of a food processor and start until a powdery mixture is obtained. Add the egg and yolk and start the processor again until a crumb mixture is obtained. Pour the mixture into a bowl and finish kneading by hand. You will obtain a fragrant and very workable shortcrust pastry. 


Bake the shortcrust pastry by covering it with baking paper on which you have placed dry beans or ceramic baking beads.

Bake for 15-18 minutes and allow to cool completely. 


Gently knead the mascarpone cheese, sugar and fresh cream into a smooth and homogeneous cream.

Now add the cream cheese and continue working the cream until creamy.

Store in the refrigerator until use. 

Assembling the modern tart

Take the baked and cooled shortcrust pastry shell and place fig jam, a handful of walnuts and the cream on top. Decorate with a shortcrust net created with a pastry cutter grid (tart decorator) and plenty of vanilla icing sugar.