Filetto di salmone glassato alla Melassa e fichi - Valle del Crati

Here is a recipe for a healthy, nutritious and tasty main course!

A lightly prepared salmon fillet, baked in the oven, enriched with Molasses and accompanied by a really tasty side dish of Figs, Pomegranate and Fennel.

An ideal recipe to prepare even on special occasions for your guests. 


· 4 fresh salmon fillets

· 1 fennel

· 10 dried figs from Cosenza

· Valle del Crati fig molasses (1 ½ tablespoons per fillet)

· the kernels of half a pomegranate

· aromatic herbs to taste

· chilli powder

· EVO oil

· salt and pepper to taste

· 1 lemon (the juice) 


We prepare the salmon: take the fresh salmon fillets, place them on a plate and pour a tablespoon of EVO oil over each one. Add a pinch of salt, a grinding of pepper, a little chilli powder and the chosen herbs (I use marjoram).

We massage well with our hands.

We preheat the oven to 200° and as soon as it reaches temperature we put the fillets in the oven, which should cook for about 15 minutes (in this way they will remain soft and juicy).

Let's move on to the side dish: clean and finely chop the fennel (you can help yourself with a mandoline) and place it in a bowl together with the sliced dried figs from Cosenza and a handful of pomegranate seeds.

Pour in a little oil and season with salt, add a grinding of pepper and a few drops of lemon juice. Stir well and leave to rest for a few minutes before composing the dish. We place the salmon fillet on a plate (let it rest for a few minutes before serving so that it loses any cooking liquid).

Place the salad next to it and drizzle the fig molasses over it.

We complete the dish with a few pomegranate seeds and some figs cut in half. 

Tip: if you wish, you can replace salmon with swordfish, sea bass or sea bream!

Curiosity: dried figs and pomegranate seeds are considered good luck foods that should not be missing from the festive table as a good omen!