Fusilli calabresi con fiori di zucca, pomodori secchi e salsa al basilico - Valle del Crati

Sometimes all it takes is a few simple ingredients to create a tasty first course! These fusilli are the perfect example: a fragrant fresh basil sauce accompanied by dried tomatoes and freshly picked zucchini flowers.

A cheerful, colourful and full of simple flavours first course. Let yourself be surprised by this combination of flavours. 

Ingredients for two people

· 200 g Fusilli calabresi

· 6 Dried tomatoes

· 15 pumpkin flowers

· One garlic clove

· EVO oil

· Salt to taste

· Ground black pepper to taste

· A dozen fresh basil leaves

· 2 anchovies in oil 


While the pasta is cooking, prepare the basil sauce.

Blend the washed and dried leaves in a blender with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a generous pinch of salt and two tablespoons of cold water.

Once we have obtained a green sauce we keep it aside.

In a frying pan we pour a little oil and melt the two anchovies in oil together with a clove of garlic (which we will then remove).

We add the chopped dried tomatoes and fry them lightly.

When the pasta is ready, we drain it directly into this sauce. We add cooking water, if necessary, and stir. When the mantecatura is almost complete, we add the cleaned and finely chopped zucchini flowers. Add salt and pepper to taste and turn off the heat. We finish the dish with a little basil sauce and enjoy!