Sbriciolata ai fichi - Valle del Crati

A fragrant shortcrust pastry shell with a soft fig jam filling.

A simple and delicious dessert that can be prepared in no time; perfect for breakfast or as a treat for a sweet break.

The aroma of our fresh Fig Jam will envelop the whole house, we are sure! 


· 370 g flour

· 100 g sugar

· 125 g soft butter

· 2 eggs

· Lemon peel

· 1 sachet of baking powder

· a little cake liqueur

· chopped almonds

· 1 jar of extra fig jam 


In a bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar, add the lemon zest and the soft butter and knead until completely melted.

Gradually add the flour and baking powder, kneading with your hands, pour in a little cake liquor and continue kneading. Wrap the dough in clingfilm and let it rest for half an hour/three quarters of an hour in the fridge.

In the meantime, prepare the buttered and floured 24 cm mould. Take the dough out of the fridge and cover the base of the mould with half the dough, pour in the fig jam and the chopped almonds, and cover the whole surface by roughly crumbling the rest of the dough.

Bake at 180° for about 25 minutes (always adjust according to your oven).