Insalata di pasta con cipolle - Valle del Crati

Who said that in summer the salad is only made of rice? On very hot days, when the temperatures just don't allow us to turn on the cooker, pasta salad is the ideal solution that will bring everyone together!

This dish can be prepared in advance, perhaps in the evening, and then left in the fridge for the next day. You can choose your favourite pasta format and add the ingredients you like best. The important thing is to cook the pasta well, cooling it to stop it cooking, so that it will remain beautifully al dente. 

Here is our version:

Ingredients for two people

· 200 g pasta to taste

· feta cheese

· 1 large tomato or 1 bunch of cherry tomatoes

· 1 jar of sweet and sour onions

· evo oil

· oregano to taste 


Cook the pasta in boiling salted water, the important thing is to drain it al dente and cool it immediately under a jet of cold water to stop the cooking.

Pour the pasta into a large bowl and dress with evo oil, mixing well. Add the feta cubes, chopped cherry tomatoes and a generous portion of sweet and sour onions. Finish with a sprinkling of oregano. Mix well and leave to chill in the fridge overnight - it will taste even better the next day!

This dish is perfect to take on your lunch break at work or to a picnic. You can have fun adding ingredients as you like.