Mix di cereali e verdure - Valle del Crati

Keeping light without renouncing taste is possible! Try this recipe, which is also perfect as a dish to take in your lunch break or to the beach.

You can prepare it in advance, as it is also delicious eaten cold.

Rich in nutrients, energetic and fresh, it is a perfect dish for vegetarians and vegans, for those who want to keep fit and for those who like to experiment with different flavours. 

Ingredients for two people:

· 200 g bulgur and quinoa (or your favourite cereal)

· 10 yellow cherry tomatoes

· Approx. 12 Arraganate black olives

· 4 tablespoons of already cooked lentils

· Fresh basil

· Extra virgin olive oil

· Salt to taste

· Pepper to taste 


In a bowl, add the halved tomatoes, lentils and olives.

Add a pinch of salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil.

Mix well and finally incorporate the bulgur and quinoa previously cooked and left to cool. Coarsely chop some fresh basil and mix everything together.

TIP: This can also be prepared using spelt or venere rice.