Insalata mista con fichi secchi e nocciole - Valle del Crati

When we think of salad we always think of a sad and uninviting side dish, but we are sure this version will make you think again!

A tasty and crunchy side dish, perfect to accompany main courses of meat or fish or a good buffalo mozzarella, for a quick and complete meal.

To prepare this salad you need:

· Radicchio

· Fennel

· Dried figs from Cosenza

· Roasted hazelnuts

· Olive oil, salt, black pepper to taste. 

Prepare all the ingredients individually: slice the radicchio and fennel thinly, cut the figs into small pieces.

Combine everything in a large bowl, season to taste with evo oil, salt and black pepper and a generous handful of toasted hazelnuts.

TIPS: If you wish, you can replace the hazelnuts with walnuts or almonds, depending on your taste.