Pasta del Festival - Valle del Crati

Every dish tells a story and this one will even make you sing!

A tasty white meat sauce enriched by the spicy flavour of our Nduja Cream.

A perfect first course for Sunday lunches made by the talented Salvo Terruso, the 'Narratore di piatti'. 

INGREDIENTS for 2 Persons

· 200 g Mezzi Rigatoni di Grano Duro

· Olive oil to taste

· 2 Cloves of Garlic

· 1 Spoonful 'Nduja Cream

· 250 g Pork Sausage

· 125 ml White Wine

· 80 g grated Pecorino Romano cheese

· 1-2 ladles of pasta cooking water

· Salt to taste 


Remove from the casing and crumble the sausage into a pan; brown well and make it crispy; then deglaze with white wine.

When the wine has evaporated, turn off the heat. Remove the sausage from the pan.

Dry the pan with paper towels, put in the oil and the 2 cloves of garlic, fry for a minute, then add the 'nduja cream, melt it with a wooden spoon.

Add the sausage, then mix everything together over a medium heat.

When the water in the pot boils, add salt, then lower the pasta. At 2 minutes of cooking time, transfer the pasta to the pan with the sausage and 'nduja sauce.

Add a ladleful of the pasta cooking water, then stir in the pan over medium heat.

Turn off the heat, add the grated pecorino cheese, then a ladleful of the pasta cooking water, first mix, then toss until creamy.

Serve, then before serving this super creamy dish, add the pistachio granules.