Calabrian cured meats

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Nduja from SpilingaNduja from Spilinga
Nduja from Spilinga
Sale price€10,80
Spicy sopressataSpicy sopressata
Spicy sopressata
Sale price€12,40
Sweet sopressataSweet sopressata
Sweet sopressata
Sale price€12,40
Spicy SalsicciaSpicy Salsiccia
Spicy Salsiccia
Sale price€11,50
Sweet SalsicciaSweet Salsiccia
Sweet Salsiccia
Sale price€11,50
Sale price€19,80
 Seasoned Bacon Seasoned Bacon
Seasoned Bacon
Sale price€12,80
Sweet Seasoned GuancialeSweet Seasoned Guanciale
Sweet Seasoned Guanciale
Sale price€10,20

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