Spaghetti ai fagiolini - Valle del Crati

Are you familiar with vaianelle? They are the pods of tender beans, also known as taccole. In Calabrian cuisine, the recipe for pasta with vaianelle is typical of the peasant tradition and was prepared to taste the first green beans from the garden.

The flavour is very special, rustic and enveloping.

You can also prepare it with frozen green beans, to enjoy it all year round.

Ingredients for two:

- 200 g spaghetti
- 1 bottle of Pomodorossa
- About 200 g green beans (taccole)
- Fresh basil to taste
- Two sprigs of dried oregano
- Extra virgin olive oil
- One garlic clove
- Salt to taste
- Chilli pepper to taste


Pour a little oil into a frying pan and brown a clove of garlic. Then add the previously blanched green beans, season with salt and leave to gain flavour for a few minutes.
Now add the red tomatoes, the sprig of oregano and mix well. Cover and leave to simmer until the sauce is well reduced.

Drain the pasta al dente inside and stir.
Season with salt if necessary and add a pinch of chilli pepper along with more fresh basil.