Tramezzini fantasia - Valle del Crati

Sandwiches are an ideal comfort food for trips out of town, aperitifs with friends or birthday parties! 

That's why you should never be short of bread (white, rye, wholemeal, cereal) and Valle del Crati spreads at home, to make tasty sandwiches in no time.

The special ingredient? Your imagination! Play at mixing flavours and textures and surprise your palate. 

Here are 5 ideas for making sandwiches with our Artichoke Cream:

- Artichoke Cream, cooked ham, tomato and rocket

- Artichoke cream, cooked ham, tomato and mushrooms

- Artichoke cream, spreadable cheese and sliced avocado

- Artichoke cream, tuna, boiled egg and mayonnaise

- Artichoke cream, bresaola, rocket and parmesan shavings 

Which one will you try?

Make a special sandwich with our Artichoke Cream and tag us on our social channels!