Paccheri cremosi con cavolfiore e pomodori secchi - Valle del Crati

Paccheri is a pasta format that lends itself to many recipes, both with sauce and plain, perfect with meat, fish and vegetables.

The recipe we propose is a very simple first course, with a delicious cauliflower cream that goes very well with the savouriness of dried tomatoes.

What makes the dish even better is the final touch given by the crumbled taralli! 


· 160 g Paccheri Valle del Crati

· 1 cauliflower

· Salt to taste

· Pepper to taste

· 20 gr of Parmesan cheese

· Dried Valle del Crati tomatoes to taste

· Taralli all'olio evo to taste

· Olive oil to taste 


First we cook the cleaned and chopped cauliflower in a little water and once soft, drain and whisk together with salt pepper and the Parmesan cheese.

Meanwhile we cook the paccheri for 10 minutes in plenty of salted water.

Then we transfer them to a non-stick pan with the cauliflower cream and a little cooking water for another 2/3 minutes.

This way we make the paccheri really creamy.

We serve with chopped dried tomatoes, crumbled taralli to give crunchiness and a drizzle of raw evo oil.