Annurca Apple Extra Jam

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The Annurca apple, harvested on the Sila mountains, is known for the quality of its fruit, with a sweet taste and juicy pulp. There Annurca Apple Extra Jam it is made with pulp and peel, where the greatest amount of fiber and vitamins contained in the fruit is found. A very delicate jam, also perfect for children.

Uses in the kitchen
Ideal to consume for a healthy breakfast or as a snack for children, spread on a slice of bread or on rusks. Excellent for the preparation of tarts based on shortcrust pastry, filled biscuits and sweet doughs. Tasty if combined with the tasting of mixed cheeses, both fresh and seasoned, for an original appetizer.

Ingredients: Annurca apples (79.9%), sugar.

Acidifier: Citric acid.

Contains no allergens

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources
  • After opening, keep in the fridge
  • Pasteurized product

Glass jar of 200 grams

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