Peasant-Style Figs

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To create this product we were inspired by the ball of figs, one of the oldest and most particular preparations of the Cosenza tradition. We have reworked the recipe to make it more durable and easy to store. How? Enclosing all the soft texture and " honey " of figs in a jar! We select the best fresh Dottato figs from the Crati Valley, collect them and wash them carefully and then cook them for several hours in the oven at a constant temperature. After cooking, the figs are placed in jars and subjected to pasteurization; this allows us to store them safely, keeping them soft over time and preserving their aromas. The jar can be kept in the refrigerator after opening, even if, once tasted, it will be difficult not to finish them all!

Uses in the kitchen
Peasant Figs are a product with a truly surprising flavor and unsuspected combinations! They are ideal to consume as a snack or energy snack , even after sport, alone or accompanied by yoghurt and dried fruit. They can be used as an appetizer , accompanied by fresh cheeses such as ricotta or seasoned ones such as pecorino , or with cured meats , such as ham or capicollo . Excellent on white-based pizza , with mushrooms, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and other savory flavours, in contrast with their sweetness. Perfect as a dessert in combination with puddings, panna cotta and vanilla or fiordilatte ice cream, or for filling plum cakes , panettone , brioches and other leavened doughs.

Ingredients: Fresh figs from Valle del Crati (100%).

Contains no allergens

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources
  • After opening, keep in the fridge
  • Pasteurized product

Glass jar of 180 grams

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