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Cardoncelli mushrooms (Pleurotus Eryngii) are a highly prized product.

Processed according to an ancient peasant recipe, they are selected by expert hands, flavoured with garlic, oregano and chilli pepper, and finally filled in oil. The meatiness and delicate aroma make Cardoncelli mushrooms suitable to accompany any dish.


A convenient and practical format, suitable for the catering trade or for those who consume a lot of them. After opening, the product should be coated with oil and stored in the fridge. By following these instructions, the product retains its characteristics for about 20 days.

Main uses:

- Pizzas and Sandwiches

- Condiments for starters and main courses

- Aperitifs and Starters

- Savoury recipes

- Accompaniments with cold meats and cheeses

Storage conditions:

- Keep away from sunlight and heat sources

- After opening, cover with oil and store in the fridge

Ingredients: Cardoncelli mushrooms, sunflower seed oil, chilli, salt, garlic, wine vinegar, bay leaves.

Acidifier: Citric acid

Contains allergens: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

Package Contents: 1 x 2.8 kg glass jar

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