Sweet Seasoned Guanciale

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Guanciale is the cut of meat obtained from the pig 's cheek, crossed by lean veins of muscle with a component of fine fat, with a different composition from lard (back fat) and pancetta (belly fat). The texture is harder than bacon and the flavor more distinctive.

Uses in the kitchen
Excellent ingredient for the preparation of rustic pizzas, savory pies, pizzas, omelettes, vegetables, first courses or particular second courses. Also ideal for appetizers, platters and aperitifs. Excellent if consumed in combination with our country-style figs.

Ingredients: Pork cheek, salt, sugars (dextrose, sucrose), flavourings, spices.

Antioxidant: E300

Preservatives: E252

Conservation methods: 

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Store in the fridge

Pack of about 400 grams

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