Fig Molasses

Con Fichi di Cosenza D.O.P. ✨

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"Valle del Crati" fig molasses is a thick and stringy product, obtained by boiling the figs and then evaporating them over a low heat for about 8 hours. This tasty recipe is made with delicious Fichi di Cosenza DOP.

Uses in the kitchen
Excellent condiment for fresh and aged cheeses, grilled meats, salads. Very tasty to use on ice cream, yoghurt, panna cotta.
Used for the production of the characteristic Christmas sweets typical of Calabria.

Ingredients: Figs from Cosenza DOP.

Contains no allergens

Conservation methods:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources
  • After opening, keep in the fridge
  • Pasteurized product

Glass jar of 230 grams

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