Semi Seasoned Smoked Ricotta

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Crotonese smoked ricotta is obtained from sheep's milk whey from Gentile del Marchesato di Crotone sheep and from bovine milk whey. Cylindrical or truncated cone in shape, it has a thin and wrinkled crust, marked by rush fuscelles, with a more or less intense brick colour. Ivory-white paste, solid and smooth, soft and buttery when young, savory and spicy, delicately smoky. During processing, after having extracted the curd, the residual whey, filtered, is heated again in the boiler at 65° C and 10% of the total mass of raw milk and 2% of salt are added to then raise the temperature up to 85-90° C. After surfacing and purging and a couple of days of maturation, the ricottas are grilled to smoke with a moderate fire of olive and oak wood, for a few hours or weeks, depending on the degree of desired maturation, and finally aged for a few weeks or up to six months.

Uses in the kitchen
Typically eaten in slices as an appetizer or side dish, grated over pasta for palates that prefer an intense flavour. Delicious if tasted with our Onion or Chili pepper jam , but also with the extra fig jam and fig molasses.

Ingredients: 50% pasteurized ITALIAN sheep's milk, 50% pasteurized ITALIAN cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.

Preservative free

Allergens: Milk

Product subject to natural weight loss

Origin of the milk: ITALY

Conservation methods: 

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Store in the fridge

Pack of 200 grams

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