Bruschette pancetta e fichi

When you feel like an aperitif but you're tired of the usual appetizers, try this simple recipe that will surprise you.

Sweet and savory meet for a real explosion of taste!

THE Peasant-style figs they are a particular and versatile product, excellent to eat alone, in sweet recipes or in combination with cold cuts and cheeses as in this case.

Fantasy must never be lacking in the kitchen, as well as the desire to experiment!


Slices of bread, toasted to taste

Rolled bacon

Smoked cheese

Peasant-style figs

Prepare the bruschetta by slicing the bread; like to toast.

Cut the smoked scamorza cheese and figs into slices; spread the pancetta, scamorza cheese on the bread and finish with the figs. Accompany it all with a good glass of red wine.

Enjoy your meal!