Fileja con crema di pomodori secchi e mandorle - Valle del Crati

A tasty first course made with our Fileja with Onion and enriched with a delicious cream of ricotta, almonds and dried tomatoes.

Preparing it is really easy, how about surprising your guests with this recipe? 

Ingredients for 2 people

· 10 dried tomatoes in oil

· A dozen peeled almonds

· A few leaves of fresh basil

· 100 g cow's ricotta cheese

· Lemon peel

· 200 g onion Fileja

· Salt to taste

· EVO oil

· Dried oregano 


While the pasta is cooking we prepare the cream. 

Place the dried tomatoes in the blender with the almonds, ricotta, basil and a generous grating of lemon zest.

We blend everything, helping ourselves, if necessary, with a little cooking water from the pasta.

Once the cream is ready, we transfer it to a high-sided frying pan. 

We drain the pasta directly in the pan and stir well, adding a ladle of cooking water to make it nice and creamy (over a low flame).

We serve and finish with a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of oregano.