Foglie di Ulivo con pesto di zucchine e pancetta croccante

The sweetness of the courgettes, the aroma of the basil and the savory taste of the bacon blend perfectly, creating a full-bodied sauce that envelops the olive leaves.

A simple recipe in its realization, but with an exceptional result.

Seeing is believing!

Ingredients for 2 people

4 medium zucchini

7 slices of bacon

200g Olive leaves

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh basil

Grated cheese


Cut the courgettes and cook them with some oil in a non-stick pan for about ten minutes.

For the zucchini pesto: put the zucchini, grated cheese and fresh basil in the blender.

Boil the water for the pasta.

Cut the bacon slices into strips and brown them / without adding fat, theirs will suffice); they will be used to garnish the dish at the end.

Drain the pasta in a pan and cook it with the pesto.

Serve and lay the crispy bacon.