Spaghetti alla Nduja piccanti

An inviting plate of spicy spaghetti flavored with Nduja cream and sweet cherry tomatoes.

A dish with a Calabrian flavour, simple and quick to make for lunches and dinners with friends.

Nduja Cream is one of the best-selling and most appreciated products, thanks to its creamy consistency and ease of use.

A must to keep in the pantry, always ready to use to make first courses, appetizers and much more, leaving room for taste and imagination.

For lovers of strong flavors!



1 jar Nduja cream

Pachino tomatoes


Dried basil leaves


Sauté the pachino tomatoes cut in half in a pan and add salt;
remove the tomatoes and add, in the same pan, some diced tomatoes with a generous spoonful of Crema di 'Nduja.
Drain the spaghetti al dente and toss them in the sauce; serve by adding the tomatoes in half and some dried basil leaves.