Mix dell'orto - Valle del Crati

Garden cereal mix with cream of friarielli and dried tomatoes

When it's cold outside, it's nice to pamper yourself with a good meal.

If it is grain and vegetable based, even better, so we get our fill of nutrients!

A dish suitable for everyone, vegetarian or not. 


- Mix of cereals as desired (spelt, barley, rice)

- Friarielli, fresh or frozen

- Valle del Crati dried tomatoes in oil

- oil to taste

- 1 clove of garlic 


In a frying pan, pour a little oil, let a clove of garlic brown and add the friarielli.

Add a glass of hot water and leave to cook. Once cooked, blend everything (leaving a few leaves for decoration).

Separately, cook the cereal mix and once ready, drain and add to the cream.

Heat for a couple of minutes over low heat, adding a little hot water to make it creamy.

Then sauté over a low flame with a tablespoon of oil.

Finish by adding some chopped dried tomatoes to add a touch of sweetness and flavour to the dish.