Piadine all’olio di oliva farcite - Valle del Crati

There piadina it is always an excellent idea to make aperitifs and dinners with friends original.

Quick and easy to prepare, we offer you a light recipe based on olive oil , for a soft piadina, perfect to roll up and without too much guilt!

Thanks to our products you can experiment with many combinations of ingredients, to have original and tasty fillings.

We also suggest some filling ideas, both vegetable-based and salami-based, to satisfy the needs of every palate!

Ingredients for 6 wraps

300 g flour 0 (even half whole wheat or type 1)

150ml cold water

30m extra virgin olive oil

5 g salt


Sift the flour into a bowl and add 120 ml of cold water; mix with a spoon.

When the water has absorbed, add the salt and the remaining 30 ml of water and continue kneading. Finally add the oil a little at a time and when it's absorbed move to the countertop and keep kneading.

Divide the dough into six loaves , and put them to rest covered for about half an hour.

Heat a non-stick pan and in the meantime roll out each loaf with a rolling pin into a thin sheet.

Cook for a couple of minutes on each side.

Your piadinas are ready to be stuffed!

Stuffing ideas

Version with vegetables

  1. Zucchini bruschetta with tuna sauce, prawns, avocado and spreadable cheese
  2. Grilled courgettes, rocket, soft cheese, fig molasses topping
  3. Mediterranean cream, lettuce and buffalo mozzarella

Version with cured meats

  1. Sweet and sour onions, lettuce, squacquerone cheese and bresaola
  2. Grilled artichokes, roasted chicken breast, chopped cardoncelli mushrooms and rocket
  3. Nduja cream, rocket, soft cheese and grilled zucchini