Spaghetti con pesto di ricotta - Valle del Crati

A Sicilian proverb says that, to really get excellent results and excellent rewards, you have to work hard, but above all you have to work hard.
Hence the saying "He who goes to pasture eats ricotta".

Ricotta, therefore, as a reward for hard work is the inspiration for this delicious first course.

Paista cu Pistu ri Ricotta ri pecura and Basil – Pasta with Sheep Ricotta Pesto and Basil

Ingredients for 2 people:
200g Guitar spaghetti
Evo oil to taste
200 g Sheep Ricotta
1 Bunch of Basil
10 Almonds
10 whole pistachios
2 cloves Garlic
12 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Teaspoon 'Nduja cream
Pistachio grains to taste