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Figs From Cosenza DOPFigs From Cosenza DOP
Figs From Cosenza DOP
Sale price€9,00 Regular price€9,90
Chopped Chilli Pepper Chopped Chilli Pepper
Chopped Chilli Pepper
Sale price€3,90
Caciocavallo Cheese Caciocavallo Cheese
Caciocavallo Cheese
Sale price€14,60
Fig Molasses Fig Molasses
Fig Molasses
Sale price€4,90
Calabrian fusilliCalabrian fusilli
Calabrian fusilli
Sale price€4,00
Fileja from TropeaFileja from Tropea
Fileja from Tropea
Sale price€4,00
Nduja from SpilingaNduja from Spilinga
Nduja from Spilinga
Sale price€10,80
Nduja creamNduja cream
Nduja cream
Sale price€5,00
Chili Pepper SeasoningChili Pepper Seasoning
Chili Pepper Seasoning
Sale price€5,40
Clementine Extra JamClementine Extra Jam
Clementine Extra Jam
Sale price€3,90
Hot Chilli Pepper DiavolicchioHot Chilli Pepper Diavolicchio
Hot Chilli Pepper Diavolicchio
Sale price€6,20
Sweet and Sour Red OnionsSweet and Sour Red Onions
Sweet and Sour Red Onions
Sale price€5,00
Spicy SalsicciaSpicy Salsiccia
Spicy Salsiccia
Sale price€11,50
Tropeana CreamTropeana Cream
Tropeana Cream
Sale price€4,20
Chilli Pepper stuffed with Tuna Chilli Pepper stuffed with Tuna
Dried tomatoesDried tomatoes
Dried tomatoes
Sale price€6,50

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