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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
Semi Seasoned Smoked RicottaSemi Seasoned Smoked Ricotta
Semi Seasoned Smoked Ricotta
Sale price€5,80
Chopped Chilli Pepper Chopped Chilli Pepper
Chopped Chilli Pepper
Sale price€4,10
Vino Sì Rosé Savuto DOCVino Sì Rosé Savuto DOC
Vino Sì Rosé Savuto DOC
Sale price€12,70
Mediterranean Antipasto Mediterranean Antipasto
Mediterranean Antipasto
Sale price€6,80
Save 6%
Nduja from SpilingaNduja from Spilinga
Nduja from Spilinga
Sale price€11,90 Regular price€12,70
  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet and Sour Red OnionsSweet and Sour Red Onions
Sweet and Sour Red Onions
Sale price€5,30
Nduja creamNduja cream
Nduja cream
Sale price€5,30
Save 6%
Semi Aged Pecorino CheeseSemi Aged Pecorino Cheese
Semi Aged Pecorino Cheese
Sale price€14,90 Regular price€15,90
Turnip GreenTurnip Green
Turnip Green
Sale price€6,10
Save 2%
Sweet sopressataSweet sopressata
Sweet sopressata
Sale price€12,90 Regular price€13,10
Hand Crushed Green OlivesHand Crushed Green Olives
Hand Crushed Green Olives
Sale price€6,50
 Sfiziosetti with Chili pepper Sfiziosetti with Chili pepper
Caciocavallo CheeseCaciocavallo Cheese
Caciocavallo Cheese
Sale price€15,50
Figs of Cosenza Figs of Cosenza
Figs of Cosenza
Sale price€9,00
Extra Strawberry JamExtra Strawberry Jam
Extra Strawberry Jam
Sale price€4,70
Mulberry Extra JamMulberry Extra Jam
Mulberry Extra Jam
Sale price€4,50
Vino Sì White Savuto DOCVino Sì White Savuto DOC
Vino Sì White Savuto DOC
Sale price€12,70
Clementine Juice 200mlClementine Juice 200ml
Clementine Juice 200ml
Sale price€3,70
Save 3%
Spicy SalsicciaSpicy Salsiccia
Spicy Salsiccia
Sale price€11,90 Regular price€12,30
Chilli Pepper stuffed with TunaChilli Pepper stuffed with Tuna
 Sfiziosetti with Onion  Sfiziosetti with Onion
Sfiziosetti with Onion
Sale price€4,80
Onion BruschettaOnion Bruschetta
Onion Bruschetta
Sale price€4,10
Save 13%
Clementine juice 720mlClementine juice 720ml
Clementine juice 720ml
Sale price€6,90 Regular price€7,90